Hey guys,


My name is Zen Leong Au Duong and I was the Partnerships Manager of ESN The Netherlands 2016-2017.


Representing and supporting international students is a mission I feel close to as I have been actively doing so with various (student) organisations during my studies. Growing up with two different cultures has encouraged me to open my eyes to different people and their culture, hence why I decided to become a part of these organisations. I have been active with ESN since September 2014 and was fortunate enough to fulfill the position of Partnership Manager and Vice-President of ISN Maastricht before becoming an National Board member. During this year I have witnessed the impact that an organisation like ESN can have on the lives of the international students in a community. This is something I wanted to continue to work on.


In the year 2016-2017 I was primarily in charge of finding new partners and keeping mutually beneficial relations to our existing partners. It was my goal to find organizations which can be of added value to the international students’ experience in a way that all involved parties can benefit from.

In addition to that I carried the portfolio of the National Activity (organized by the National Activity Committee for all exchange students in the Netherlands) and I was main responsible for the ESNcard project.