Hi everyone!

My name is Hanne, I’m 24 years old, currently a master student in linguistics and a former board member of ESN Utrecht, and I’m really excited to be this year’s National Delegate of ESN the Netherlands! 

My local board year has shown me the awesome opportunities the network has to offer, and I have gladly taken as many as I could with both my hands thus far. It’s amazing to be involved at the international level of such a professional organisation filled with inspiring young people working for the same cause and I truly hope that I can pass on this enthusiasm to everyone.

I’m really looking forward to the CND and I also hope to see many of you during the level-up meetings in order to make sure we can represent the Netherlands as well as possible! 

If you would like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to do so at any time through the following email: ND@esn-nl.org




Hi! I am Karin Ribberink, 24 years old and recently elected to be the Vice-ND for the year 2016-2017! My ESN career started two years ago as Introduction Coordinator and Vice-President at ISN Amsterdam. During that year I’ve been to the NPs, WEP and the AGM in Ankara.

After Ankara I decided to go to Istanbul for my Erasmus what happens to be the best decision ever. I got the chance to see a different kind of ESN section than what I was used to. And I kept thinking about what I could do with this information for ESN.

As a Vice-ND my goal for this year is to build the bridge between local and international level while keeping an eye on the different kind of sections. Keeping close contact with the sections is the key word for this to represent them in the best way possible at the CND!

If you have any ideas or questions; please contact me at vice-nd@esn-nl.org