IT Coordinator: Nels Salminen

Contact me at


SocialErasmus Coordinator: Milou Koreman

Hi! I will be the SocialErasmus Coordinator of ESN The Netherlands for this year and my name is Milou. Last year I was responsable for SocialErasmus at ESN Utrecht and the aims and spirit of the project fascinated me! For upcoming year I'm excited about finding new partners to cooperate with on a national level and to inspire and facilitate you, local SocialErasmus coordinators, to organize a lot, but also high quality SocialErasmus events. SocialErasmus is a far reaching international project, but what brings the mightiest change are the (small) acts by students on the local level! You are encouraged to contact me for any questions or purposes regarding SocialErasmus! Looking forward to meet all of you and create some great SocialErasmus spirit and experiences. Please contact me at:


Erasmus in Schools Coordinator: Meike Reusken

Hi! My name is Meike Reusken and I am excited to be the Erasmus in Schools National coordinator of ESN The Netherlands. Last year I was the cultural events manager of ESN Rotterdam. During this year I had my first experience with the Erasmus in Schools project; I successfully managed to set up this project for the long term in Rotterdam. I truly believe that teaching in schools for exchange students is a life changing experience. When I was on exchange in Hong Kong I took part in a similar project that gave me the opportunity to teach english in Chinese schools, which is one of my greatest experiences during my exchange semester. I am very enthusiastic to work on this project and allow exchange students in the Netherlands the opportunity to have a similar experience. My task is to support the local sections with the organization of the Erasmus in Schools project and improve the projects' quality on a national level. Besides this, I will maintain contact and collaborate with national parties that are involved in this project. My personal goal is to focus on the long term quality development of Erasmus in Schools. I look forward working in this position, so please contact me at!

Note: Meike's predecessor - Julia Robeer - resigned last December.


Intersection Meeting Coordinator: Jaimy Vlasblom 

I am Jaimy, I'm 25 years old and I just graduated in Economic and Consumer Psychology at Leiden University. A couple of years ago I got to know the ESN network during my Erasmus in Italy. I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of this group of amazing people. After being an active member in Italy for one year, and being active in a local section in the Netherlands, I became the Local Representative of ISN leiden. Now, after this amazing year in the local board, I am not ready to leave ESN just yet.
As the Intersection meeting coordinator I will help to set up an intersection meeting where you can exchange knowledge and best practices with ESNers from another country! Contact me at:



Vice National Delegate: Annebelle van Lieshout

Hey everyone! My name is Annebelle, I am 21 years old and I study Communication Science. I am happy to say that I am the Vice-National Delegate of ESN The Netherlands. Right from the beginning I started my local board year as Secretary (August 2015) I was interested in finding out more about the international level of ESN. In my free time I enjoy baking and cooking (let's not forget eating it afterwards!), reading, doing sports, hanging out with friends and I have a huge passion for travelling. My big goal as Vice-National Delegate is involving the local sections more in the international level, so if you have any questions, comments or you just want to talk? Please send me an email to


National Delegate: Tim Roos

 Hi there! I am Tim, your National Delegate for 2015-2016. I am 20 years old and studied Aerospace Engineering in Delft. I got involved in ESN while on Erasmus in Istanbul, and when I got back I decided to found ESN Delft together with 5 other people! In Delft I am the secretary and I enjoyed the first half year so much that I decided to do another full board year! Outside of ESN I love to play and watch sports, I am a huge baseball fan, and I (try to) brew my own beer. Other than that, I really really enjoy talking, so if you have any questions about what I do or anything regarding the international level, send me a message! Contact me at: