Within the ESN Network there is a lot of information, but where to find what you need? This page will give you an overview where to find what including the links to the right websites.

ESN International (main information)

ESN International has a website which is the main ESN webpage. Besides the website you, as a member of ESN, can go to the ESN Wiki. On the ESN Wiki you can find presentation, agenda's and minutes of different meetings, information about the different bodies within ESN, projects, publications and contact details within ESN including an overview of existing mailinglists on the International level. ESN works with Galaxy. Here you can find information about ESN Members, National Board and the 500 different Local sections. Again you can find general information about the ESN Network here.
Besides the formal tools, there is also an ESN International (informal) Facebook Page. This FB page is an Informal and internal group for all ESN'ers and a platform to share information about projects and events, share ideas, promote yourselves and your organizations, to discuss your ideas/topics, and whatever information you want to share with ESN'ers all over Europe. This group is only for ESN'ers - no exchange students.
Subscribing for upcoming ESN events (NP's, WEP, AGM and more member-related events) can be done here
More Section Downloads can be found in Section Downloads in Galaxy.

ESN the Netherlands

ESN the Netherlands shares information with their sections through the national wiki.
On the wiki you'll find:

  • Agenda's and Minutes of Board meetings, CLR's, NP's
  • Policy Documents including bylaws and regulations
  • ESN Presentations
  • Survey Results
  • Archive: sort out by Year Specific Documents
  • Guidelines about for example how to organize a NP
  • All contact information of the section members

ESN the Netherlands has an Alumni Network. This is their facebook page. Make sure to add yourself oonce you become an alumni! 
Good luck!