Advantages of becoming an ESN Section

ESN is driven by a group of young, openminded and enthusiastic people. Do you have such a group of people at your university or university of applied science with a vast interest in the international life and setting? Then you have the right spirit to become or set up an esn section.

If you are wondering what the benefits are from being an esn sections you can look at the following aspects of ESN:

  • ESNcard plus discounts and services
  • Corporate Design
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Evaluation tools: survey
  • Network contacts
  • International sponsorships
  • ESN trainings
  • ESN international events
  • PR material
  • Recognition and use of the ESN brand
  • Partnership between sections
  • Help with a website
  • Internship opportunities
  • Alumni network

If you want to learn more about the benefits of being a section within the Netherlands please contact the national representative:

For more information concerning the various benefits mentioned above visit this following link: