The Erasmus Student Network the Netherlands consists of a board with six board members, who are supported by various coordinators and committees. While on the local level ESN provides incoming international students with practical resources and personal guidance, on the national level ESN supports the sections, represents the international students within the Dutch political and societal environment, and connects the local level with the international level (both internally within the network as in regards of European wide developments).

Joining ESN means you get to work together with highly dedicated and skilled people, who use their position to benefit the international student environment in the Netherlands.

So, do you want to improve internationalisation? Do you see opportunities in challenges? And are you ready broaden your horizon?
Check out the descriptions below and find out which position best suits you!

ESNers can also access the full listing on our wiki.



  • SocialErasmus
  • Erasmus in Schools
  • Intersection Meeting
  • Alumni
  • Mov'in Europe
  • ExchangeAbility
  • Supervisory & Audit


  • Training¬†
  • National Activity
  • PR