The deadline for the position of National Representative within the board of ESN the Netherlands 2016-2017 has been extended to July 4, 23:59 CET. 

As External Relations Manager your responsibilities are very divers. You are in charge of contact with all non-commercial relations, including with the National Agency EP-Nuffic, with the overarching student organisations ISO and NJR and with the associated covenant partners. . In order to accurately voice international students' interests you are the expert on national and international developments in the field of (internationalisation of) higher education. Lastly, you are responsible for all promotion of ESN the Netherlands, including for example, the merchandise and social media.

Within the network you will also take on the role of 'education officer' or EO (a function which includes expertise in education and contact with externals as well), and as such you are guided by the EO Support Group to develop expertise and opinions within the field via both real live and Skype meetings with EOs from other ESNcountries. Within this group of colleagues, matters are raised and discussed to increase your understanding and insight.

Your obtained knowledge supports you in your task of representing ESN NL to non-commercial parties (such as the National Agency) and establishing a stable, long term relation with these parties. As covenant partner you attend recurring meetings of overarching organisations to determine their policy and focus together with your fellow covenant partners. When needed, you inform the local sections of developments that may influence them or their international students. 

Task Description

• Follow (inter)national developments in the field of education

  • Pursue to influence policy making bodies, when needed
  • Inform local sections of developments
  • Discuss matters with fellow EOs

• Represent ESN to external relations (such as the National Agency EP-Nuffic and as covenant
partner to the overarching organisations ISO and NJR)

Required skills and expertise
• Pro-active and persistent
• Excellent communication skills
• Convincing
• Ambitious/driven/goal oriented

• Work together in a small team of highly motivated board members
• Choose your additional portfolio’s (in agreement with your fellow board members)
• This position provides you with plentiful opportunities to take the extra step by becoming
involved in collaborative projects.
• Develop and improve highly valued skills:

  • Networking skills
  • Advocacy
  • Critical thinking
  • Understanding of organisations

• ESN related benefits

  • Receive guidance from the EO Support Group
  • Invest in your personal development within an internationally acknowledged organization

Application procedure
Please send the following documents to before the 29th of June 23:59 CET:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Letter of recommendation/letter of support from your local section (if applicable)

If you have any questions regarding the application procedure or anything else regarding the position,
please do not hesitate to contact us via or approach one of the board members

Kind regards,
The National Board of 2015-2016