Located in the province of North Holland right between Amsterdam and the west coast, Haarlem is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands dating back to the 13th century. A cozy city with a medieval character and great grounds for outdoor activities. The Zuid-Kennermerland National park; a nature reserve as big as Haarlem itself, is just behind the student campus building, which accommodates most of our exchange students. Beyond the national park lies the North Sea. The beaches and sand dunes of Zandvoort- and Bloemendaal aan Zee are easily reachable by bike and train. Amsterdam is also easily accessible by train in just 15 minutes.

With just three or more board members ESN Haarlem hosts about 100-120 exchange students annually. Despite being the smallest section in the Netherlands we pride ourselves with having an intimate connection with our students. We’re the only section with a WhatsApp group enabling us to communicate with our students directly and effectively. We listen to our students and spend most of our days brainstorming social activities with right mix of fun, culture and sport. 

Our domain of operations; INHolland University Haarlem, attracts many creative students interested in music, entertainment and organizing their own events. The majority of our students get a slice of true college life living together and sharing kitchens in the campus building. We assure you there will never be a boring day at the campus. There are international friends to be made on every floor and your university is just around the corner!


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2015 CG Haarlem (INHolland University Haarlem)