Isanya Köhne

Gosh, the Netherlands it’s cold, it’s flat, it’s ancient. There are so many reasons to think of why you should not do your exchange here. I mean, who wants to live in a diverse country like this? Nobody right? Let’s see what other reasons there are why you should NOT do your studies here, no matter the length of it. 

1. It’s beautiful
Despite all the rumours about being just a flat, wet country, the Netherlands is actually beautiful. Every season a different light shines on the lands filled with grass, crops, villages, and cities. The ancient stories very much still present in the remaining buildings and pathways, the lovely cities that invite you with a warm welcome, and the small forests spread through the country. You’ll certainly be too distracted whenever you step outside of your room. 

2. Traveling is easy
The Netherlands is also a very small country, which makes it super easy to get from one side to the other using public transportation. Trains, busses, trams, metros, and even hired bikes, there’s just too many options. As said before, the Netherlands has very different corners. Go to the north and you will be greeted by the northern sea and the green fields of Groningen and Friesland. Go to the west and you’ll discover the capital Amsterdam or the ancient The Hague. Go east and you’ll be welcomed by the tiny villages across the border with Germany. Go south and the warmth and cosiness of the many cafes and pubs will meet you, no doubt. I mean, I do not see a reason why you’d like to hop on the train and go to these various ends of the country, pfff. 

3. It’s incredibly international
Even though our native language Dutch is spoken most amongst ourselves, the Dutch speak English the very best of all non-native English countries. We’ve managed to remain on number one for the last few years. The reason behind this is because 1) our television is never dubbed, only subtitles are added, and 2) children learn it from a very young age on. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the Netherlands is also very welcoming of foreign students, allowing us to speak the English tongue. But why would you want to come to a country that boasts about speaking English and makes it very easy for you to communicate no matter where you go? I can’t see why…

4. It’s a laidback country
School systems, registering for accommodation, moving around, society in general. Many times the Netherlands can be very laid back. Obviously, like any other country, there are rules that keep a society running, but living in the Netherlands is considered quite freeing. School is easily organised, you’ll find accommodation setups to be relatively easy, and whatever you do in your spare time is up to you. Many will leave you be. There’s no reason not to feel at home here or be afraid of being yourselves, as the Netherlands is quite accepting. Does no head turn? For sure some will, but many will be unbothered by it and continue their daily plans as normal. But hey, why do you care? Are you considering coming to an open, free, and generally accepting country? You’re crazy!

Haha, obviously, as you can (hopefully) tell, this is one big joke. We’re very proud of our little, flat country and all the points made above are actually major reasons why the Netherlands would make such a great country for your exchange. We have no idea what the circumstances amidst the COVID-19 virus will be like in the second half of this year, but we’re hoping for the very best. In any case, let this blog post be an inspiration for you to come to visit once this is all over, whether that’s as part of your study abroad or as a tourist. We hope all of you are safe and healthy! For those of you who are currently residing in the Netherlands or who’ve done their exchange here previously, what was your favourite aspect of life here? Why should future students consider doing a study abroad in this very country? Let us know!